Its play an important role in facilitating trade, intermediaries will be relatively more important in markets that are more difficult to penetrate.

The importance of intermediary forms in facilitating trade across borders indicates that existing models, and empirical works should account for intermediary activity in order to provide a more complete portrait of a country is imports and exports. important role of intermediaries in international trade has been increasingly recognized.

3rd Party Representation

Business representation is a business method that is strategically built in order to allow your company to expand into new target markets. MRJ Exports is a global business service provider in emerging markets. As part of our services we provide international business representation for overseas manufacturers and suppliers, interested in establishing a business presence in India.
As your representative, we will act on your behalf and in accordance to your strategic preferences, thus being in the front line and ensuring that all your needs will be met. Our company will help you to increase profits by capitalizing on sales of your products in India. We are committed to international and professional service standards that are based on full communication, on time performance, and goal oriented business outlook.

Our core business representation solutions include

  • Searching for new customers and clients.
  • Acting on your behalf when dealing with customers and clients.
  • Representing your company to overseas businesses, networking partners and joint ventures associates.
  • Representing and selling your products in India.
  • Coordinating and representing your products on trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Providing all necessary legal certificates for the selling of your products.

With our representation you can have:

  • Cost efficiency
  • Local proximity to customers
  • Improved sales opportunities

Furthermore, market, country and language knowledge is often limited, as well as personnel and financial resources. To overcome these barriers, a local business representation could be a convenient solution.Please feel free to contact us to learn more of how we can be of service to you.The marketing strategy that will get you faster and farther than anything else put together is developing strategic alliances with other businesses so you can promote each other’s products and services. Strategic alliances are powerful because.You are exposing each other to your networks You are endorsing another business’ product or service which enhances or complements your own